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Road Trip to Stanton, Va for Children’s Bible Quiz Meet. Quiz Meet is now underway!

Breaking news Saturday 11/21/2015:

Beechers headed to children’s quizzing!

Youth bible quiz pic1

Both placed gold with one perfect round.


Cojutepeque El Salvador Medical Clinic Outreach
Phillps to El Salvador November 2015
Day 1:(paraphrased)”Our accommodation’s are comfortable with many amenities and we are appreciative of the hot water and other things available.  It rained all day yesterday but is beautiful today. We are headed to the medical clinic this morning playing soccer this afternoon.    We had great flights yesterday. Certainly an answer to prayer. Please continue to pray for my health. And of course, everyone’s health.  My cold rages Thanks!”
> PhillipsMission 2015
> We had great flights yesterday. Certainly an answer to prayer. Please continue to pray for my health. My cold rages on. And of course, everyone’s health as we travel. Thanks.
> Nancy PhillipsPhillipsMisssion2015 baby
PhillipsMission 2015pic2
November 20th the Phillips’ headed to Cojutepeque, El Salvador for a Medical Clinic on the 21st & 22nd. We would like to raise $500.00 for medicines which will provide immunizations, etc. They will also be reaching out to the children through soccer. Your financial partnership will make a difference for eternity! Will you help?
red kettle b
PFWC will be ringing the bell to help the Salvation Army on December 5th in front of the Brambleton Kroger. Can you give an hour to help others?  Click here for the sign up form!
PFWC Children’s Ministries
Paul Phone (540) 772-9482
 The Furnace Nov 2015

11:00 AM ADULT


We have an Adult Connect and Grow Group that is meeting during the 2nd Worship Service. Please consider stepping over to the 1st service to help give added room in the 2nd service and to help give a critical mass in the 1st service.



Attention Ladies!!! There will be no Laugh this week because of the Thanksgiving holiday! It will resume on Tuesday, December 1

Comments from the Congregation 2015

Last Sunday was an incredible worship service and I anticipate this week being just as amazing, so don’t miss it.  :-) Here are a few of the comments that were made about the service: 
  • Amy wrote: “All of it. Music is one of my favorite forms of worship. Two amazing kids baptized and three kids being dedicated. You go God!”
  • Patrick wrote: “The spontinaity of Worship as the Holy Spirit led!”
  • Myra wrote: “One could surely feel the Holy Spirit involved in every aspect of the service today. From pushing the storm clouds away from the church to the service itself. Kind of think He enjoyed it too…. God is so stirring up the Spirit in this place and it is beautiful to watch. I believe we are positioned where He wants us for such a time as this!”



Penn Forest Worship Center 

Wesleyan Church in Roanoke VA


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Penn Forest Worship Center is located near Tanglewood Mall, directly across from Cave Spring High School in Roanoke, Virginia.

 This is a family of 3 whose 4 yr. old little boy and mother both have acute lymphoblastic leukemia.  They have little in terms of financial resources and between the mother’s chemo treatments and her son’s, you can imagine they don’t have much time to prepare for Christmas. 

Here is the info regarding our adopted family for Christmas as follows:

Jayden (4 years old cancer patient) wish list

– CD player            – Kid’s CD’s

– Play tools             – Remote control car or truck

– ABC & 123 learning books      – Snow boots size 12

– John Deere bed set (we think for a twin bed)

Ryan (25 years old):- Lowe’s gift card

Amanda (23 years old – Mom with cancer herself)

– She asked for nothing for herself, so would ask for gift cards and anything that you think would bless her.

Time is passing quickly, so we should target to have our packages wrapped and to the church by Dec 13th. Please comment on line here what you are purchasing so we don’t duplicate. As always, thank you for being the hands and feet of Christ as we bless this family this Christmas!!