Cojutepeque El Salvador Medical Clinic Outreach
Phillps to El Salvador November 2015
Day 1:(paraphrased)”Our accommodation’s are comfortable with many amenities and we are appreciative of the hot water and other things available.  It rained all day yesterday but is beautiful today. We are headed to the medical clinic this morning playing soccer this afternoon.    We had great flights yesterday. Certainly an answer to prayer. Please continue to pray for my health. And of course, everyone’s health.  My cold rages Thanks!”
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> We had great flights yesterday. Certainly an answer to prayer. Please continue to praFy for my health. My cold rages on. And of course, everyone’s health as we travel. Thanks.
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November 20th the Phillips’ headed to Cojutepeque, El Salvador for a Medical Clinic on the 21st & 22nd. We would like to raise $500.00 for medicines which will provide immunizations, etc. They will also be reaching out to the children through soccer. Your financial partnership will make a difference for eternity! Will you help?
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