Penn Forest Worship Center – Roanoke Wesleyan Church 




 Adult Power Up – “A.D.” @ 6:30 PM

 Membership Workshop @ 6:15 PM

 KidZone – There’s a Verse for That @ 6:30 PM

 Epicenter Youth @ 6:30 PM


The Goose Chase is a Scavenger Hunt that takes teams all over the Valley, collecting items and completing stunts. We will leave from the church at 4:00 PM. Families compete as teams. They will have two hours to complete their tasks before we reconvene to count up points and award prizes.

This will be our third annual Children’s Sunday and it’s bigger and better than ever before. You WILL want to invite grandparents, neighbors, friends, relatives, coworkers, classmates, and EVERYONE!
 Children’s Weekend!

 Friday, April 24th- Swimming at Green Ridge!

    Saturday, April 25th-PFWC Family Goose Chase! (4PM)

Pastors Corner:
Greetings and salutations,
 Sunday morning I woke up feeling very oppressed and was battling emotions. Have you ever had one of those days?  I know it was an attack by Satan.  The oppression left after Mandy and I spent some time in prayer together.  We can know that when Satan is attacking, God is working.  In spite of how I felt Sunday, God was working and speaking to people.  Here are just a few comments that I read that were unsolicited from me:
  • “Today’s worship was an amazing charge of energy!!”
  • “It was an honor being able to worship… I know several of us were opened up to feeling His presence. Can you imagine what it would be like if we let Him in that much every week?”
  • “It was truly a Spirit filled service… May we be open to Him and respond with praise. (I’m) Looking forward to that altar (being) filled…”
God is incredible and I’m humbled that I have the privilege of being a part of what He’s doing here at PFWC.   Speaking of being humbled, today I leave for Michigan for a mid-size church conference.  This is by invitation only and will not cost anything but will be very beneficial to me and ultimately to the church.  It’s an honor to represent the Shenandoah District of the Wesleyan Church and PFWC!  I’ll return Friday evening.  
Membership Workshop – The membership workshop scheduled for tomorrow has been postponed till NEXT Wednesday evening (April 29th) at 6:15 PM.  We will be receiving new members on May 3rd.  
Have an excellent week and I look forward to some incredible services on Sunday.  In the 9:30 A.M. Service our  A.D. series will continue and in the 11:00 AM service we will have Children’s Sunday.  Feel free to come to both services this week because they will both be exceptional!  
Myron D. Atkinson
Lead Pastor



 Blake Waddell’s B-Day


 KZ Swimming @ Green Ridge

 Open Gym @ 9:00 PM


 Elijah Jackson’s B-Day

 Family Goose Chase @ 4:00 PM


 Children’s Sunday

 Nursing Home Service @ 2:30 PM

HELP LINE: Phone (540) 772-9482

HELP LINE: Phone (540) 772-9482

 Who are we

  PFWC – A Roanoke Wesleyan Church

So just who is Penn Forest Worship Center? We are a small Wesleyan congregation with a huge vision for the future, serving an even bigger God, Read more…

We have an Adult Connect and Grow Group that is meeting during the 2nd Worship Service.  Please consider stepping over to the 1st service to help give added room in the 2nd service and to help give a critical mass in the 1st service.


Comments from the Congregation March 1st 2015

Last Sunday was an incredible worship service and I anticipate this week being just as amazing, so don’t miss it.  :-) Here are a few of the comments that were made about the service: 
  • Amy wrote: “All of it. Music is one of my favorite forms of worship. Two amazing kids baptized and three kids being dedicated. You go God!”
  • Patrick wrote: “The spontinaity of Worship as the Holy Spirit led!”
  • Myra wrote: “One could surely feel the Holy Spirit involved in every aspect of the service today. From pushing the storm clouds away from the church to the service itself. Kind of think He enjoyed it too…. God is so stirring up the Spirit in this place and it is beautiful to watch. I believe we are positioned where He wants us for such a time as this!”

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Resurrection Sunday was an amazing Sunday at PFWC!  There was 1 person that prayed to received Christ and 4 people that recommitted their lives to Christ!  WOW, that is so incredible!  Thank you for your prayers! 

     Now for more good news our Philippians 1:6 project goal was $7000.00 and the total received to date is around $6400.00.   That’s another WOW!   Thank you, this is incredible. 

    If you forgot to bring in your Philippians 1:6 project offering or were out of town, you may bring it in this Sunday.  If you missed celebrating with us…. here is a copy of our April Newsletter.  
Sample of God working through His people of Penn Forest Worship Center in
Cojutepeque, El Salvador 2013
Wesleyan Church
 Penn Forest Worship Center – A Roanoke Wesleyan Church 
Church Location & Address:
3735 Chaparral Drive SW, Roanoke, VA 24018
Penn Forest Worship Center is located near Tanglewood Mall, directly across from Cave Spring High School in Roanoke, Virginia.
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Monday 10am to 2pm, Tuesday – Thursday 9am to 4pm

Phone (540) 772-9482

Penn Forest Worship Center
Wesleyan Church
3735 Chaparral Drive SW, Roanoke, VA 24018

directly across from Cave Spring High School in Roanoke, Virginia.

Phone (540) 772-9482